How to dress according to your body type, can be daunting for all men, we all know! To understand this better, take a cue from my diary below. Almost five years ago, I met someone. He teaches me a little about life every single day. So I taught him a little more than he knew … Continue Reading

Remember that time when you were swinging to that JLo song with a comb (read mike) in your hand in front of your mirror(read audience) feeling the song and moving to the beat and you’re totally into it and then the door slams open and its your mom asking you something so irrelevant , but … Continue Reading

“ How do I hide my big fat ponch?” First- it’s not big and it’s not fat. Yes, maybe you put on a few extra pounds over the holidays or over the wedding season, but it’s no biggie. You want to look BALANCED, again not like the typical hourglass figurine we see prancing around on … Continue Reading

We landed in Kochi and were greeted by a warm welcome and an excited Autoriders Chauffeur who not only drove us around but also became a quick tour guide. Hungry, we stopped by De Puttu a place that serves these super cool cylindrical rice preparation meals called “Puttus.” It was delicious and we were all … Continue Reading

The other day I was reading an article about the glass ceiling effect in India. Did you know that as per SEBI, nearly one-third of the top-500 listed firms in India do not have any woman member on their Boards yet. When women can perform the same way or better at a job than men … Continue Reading