4 years ago, a brand was born named Je Couturier. It was happy and young, full of promise and life, ready to take on the world. 1 year later, it got a better half named Monsieur M. Together they try to rule the world. That’s my thought when I enter the glass door of my store everyday.

Growing up , I had weight issues- I was way too skinny and nothing ever fit me. If it did , it was either not my style or way too expensive. So, I began designing my own clothes. And I realised that I wasn’t the only one with the same problem. To not be able to fit into something beautiful or just settle for anything lesser than the best , that was a feeling I could completely relate to.

I remember looking out of the window of my room one evening after work and just thinking about how to solve that gap. I would see people walking by and picture them in clothes I could design. ( stalker much right? haha) Before I knew it I was sketching, selecting fabrics, making prototypes and my baby Je had been born right before my very eyes. Monsieur M came along and stole her heart a year later and now they are inseparable.

I’ve always felt that fashion should make you feel beautiful, clothing should empower you and be your gladiator suit! This way I get to help men and women understand how flawless they truly are by designing one of a kind pieces that suit them perfectly.

I decided to start this blog to discuss common questions I get asked everyday from my wonderful clients , to help everyone understand their body better and love and embrace every so called flaw in it.



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