“ How do I hide my big fat ponch?”

First- it’s not big and it’s not fat. Yes, maybe you put on a few extra pounds over the holidays or over the wedding season, but it’s no biggie.

You want to look BALANCED, again not like the typical hourglass figurine we see prancing around on the runway but instead we want to look not too heavy at the top nor at the bottom. We want to change the point of focus from our so called problem areas to parts that we like, that make us look beautiful and feminine. So to cover up your tummy,

We would definitely need to avoid-

  1. A fitted top in a clingy fabric. (because that would just help outline your tummy)
  2. An underbust cut unless it’s a full length piece or leads to a good flare.
  3. High waist trousers/ fitted skirts (depends on how rounded you feel your tummy is and what area you want to cover up)

What should you wear?

  1. Straighter and more A – line / princess detailed pieces – dresses, tops that help to give you a more balanced shape with detailing around your neckline or shoulders. This way , you’re removing any focus from your waist and moving it more towards your neckline.
  2. Layering works well to create a more streamlined look and avoid any attention towards your waist. You can also use longer necklaces to help add attention away from your stomach.
    Quick Tip: Draped tops or dresses would work wonders to give you a more balanced look and keep you looking stylish too.
  3. Longer tops in flowy fabrics like georgettes and crepes would work too, provided you understand the exact length required to complete your balanced look. ( usually based on your height ) Add on a pair of pointed heels to complete your look.


Every woman is different and beautiful, and some of these options may not apply to you as it depends on your body type, face and shoulder structure. But all in all, you must stay true to you and well you’re already half way there!

Need help with clothes that are perfect for your body type?

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