The other day I was reading an article about the glass ceiling effect in India. Did you know that as per SEBI, nearly one-third of the top-500 listed firms in India do not have any woman member on their Boards yet. When women can perform the same way or better at a job than men can, put in their hard work and sweat to achieve their goals and stay on top of their game, why stop them from rising up the ladder?

It came as no surprise, when a friend of mine asked me how to look more authoritative at work. She talked about how she needed to gain more respect but still not lose touch with who she is. So we decided to revamp her look entirely. She was used to wearing fitted dresses in pastel shades and fitted narrow trousers with bright colorer blouses. That was her style and she loved her pastel shades.

We tried to understand her work space. She worked at a very good position in a popular finance company. We stopped the pastel shades for a while and looked at stronger solids. We reduced the amount of blouses she wore to a minimum of 6 a month and replaced them with bolder shirts with feminine details. Her trouser fits changed to a relaxed broader trouser bottom with a minimal trouser break. Her dresses were now complemented with solid jackets and formal detailing was added to them to make them look a tad bit more formal.

We tried this for about three and a half months. She noticed a change in peoples perceptions towards her. She had her co-workers respond to her a bit differently , asking her for her opinions on matters which did not directly come under her work scope. Her manager complemented her on her style . ( A fellow woman I might add) In the fourth month, she got called into her manager’s office and she got that promotion she had been eyeing for over 2 years.

I did not tell you this to make you believe that clothes can change your life. You knew that. You know how confident you feel when you throw on that jacket you only leave for important meetings, or that perfect dress you throw on when you’re just not feeling it. Instead, all I’m saying is why keep that jacket just for those meetings? Why not dress up everyday like you mean business, like you’re the Boss?

Because Woman,

Let them hear you Roar!

P.s- You are beautiful inside and out, clothes are only going to help you realise that!

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