How to dress according to your body type, can be daunting for all men, we all know! To understand this better, take a cue from my diary below.

Almost five years ago, I met someone. He teaches me a little about life every single day.

So I taught him a little more than he knew about how to dress. That’s not a fair exchange, duh! He pushed me to think about how there might be so many men out there who are not confident about the way they dress or just need a friendly tip on what suits them best, so Monsieur M was born.

Before I started designing menswear, I always believed that where clothing was concerned, men had limited options. But once I began my quest for understanding THE PERFECT FIT in menswear, I realized I was sadly mistaken. There are just about a million options with every shirt, pair of trousers and suits. Agreed, the variety of product lines might be a tad bit limited but the variation of each product is limitless.

What I’ve concluded is that the one goal every man of any skin tone, body type or facial structure needs to keep in mind is……


Wait for it…..

here goes

Every man must look BALANCED. His torso must look well balanced with his legs. That’s all it is. So if you’re super tall, maybe you could look at wearing a trouser with a medium break rather than a cropped one. Or if you’re on the healthier side, make sure your placket (the strip of fabric that holds your buttons on a shirt) is slightly thicker and not the new thin ones that are floating around in the market. That way when you sit, there won’t be any peek-a-boo situations with your stomach being seen.

All of this greatly depends on your body structure too but generally speaking, looking balanced will always help you look your dapper best.

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